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Choosing Your Perfect Diamond

At White Dove Jewelry, you'll find the sparkle you're looking for. We're proud to offer a variety of highly-rated diamonds for you to choose from. Keeping your budget in mind, we'll discuss the shapes you like along with each stone's color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Always choose diamonds that retain their value over time. With our knowledge and expertise you can be confident that you're selecting wisely.

How to make the right choice

  • Know the facts: Diamond value is based on a grading system called the 4 C's (Carat weight, Clarity, Color and Cut). If a diamond is nearly colorless, it's more desirable. Clarity refers to the absence of flaws, or inclusions, and determines a diamond's value. Beware of ads promising a diamond ring at rock bottom pricing. Some "industrial grade" diamonds find their way into the jewelry trade. It's important to view each diamond in the best light with a professional "jeweler's loupe" to avoid buying an inferior diamond.

  • Select the right shape: Take a quick look at popular diamond shapes and settings.

  • Find Your Diamond Style: Discover your perfect style with this quick and easy quiz. Print out a copy, tally up your preferences and bring it to our store. We'll help you select the quality and shape that's right for you.